Language Arts Curriculum raising awareness
of those living with memory disorders by storytelling.

Students Will

Our Goals

We Provide

  • Listen to others, forging stronger interpersonal bonds
  • Speak, listen, read, and write to discover the importance of their own and their loved ones’ life stories
  • Build community within and outside of the classroom
  • Realize all participants’ positive impact on those close to them and in the community
  • Teach students, with a standardized and flexible curriculum, the art and value of storytelling, especially with elders
  • Support public awareness of those caring for and living with conditions that cause memory impairment
  • Comfort, Entertain, Teach, and Inspire generations of family and community
  • Enable participants to enrich their lives while making and preserving memories

A curriculum that you can adapt to:

  • Younger or older students
  • Individual, state, or Common Core English Language Arts standards
  • Electronic access to supporting documents
  • Access, by one or many, anytime, anyplace, globally by your phone or online
  • The opportunity to name a curriculum in memory of a loved one or sponsor

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